Coed Softball-Our coed softball league is growing bigger every day. If you are an amazing softball player, if you're just out to sociallize, or anywhere in between, come check out Philly's best coed softball league.

Softball rules
Softsoftball Rules Official ASA rules will be used along with the following.

There is a 15-minute grace period, after which games must be started.

Home team will be decided by coin flip during the regular season. In playoffs and championship, highest seed will be home.

There will be a continuous batting order up to 13 people.

There are 10 players on the field, with an extra player in the outfield. The extra player cannot be used as an extra infielder.

Must play 2 girls on the field at all times or 9 players on the field.

Minimum of 7 players in order to start game, one must be female. One out will be assessed within the first 10 batters of the lineup

Pitches will be slow pitch, 6-12ft arc.

If base runner leaves the base before the softball is hit, they will be called out. This includes a swing and miss.

If a batter has 2 strikes and fouls the softball, he is out. Girls get one extra foul.

No bunting.

There is a 15 run rule after the 5th inning, except during playoffs and championship.

Games will be 7 innings - 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie.

New inning cannot start 1:45 minutes after start of new game.

In case of rain, the team captain will be called before hand if possible. If not only the Umpire can call off the game.

Team Captains are responsible for informing their own team of any changes.

No alcohol is permitted on any field.

Profanity and Fighting will not be tolerated.

If you name is not on the roster or your money is not in, you may not play in the playoffs.

All males start each at bat with a 1 softball / 1 strike count.

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