No Sponsored Bar Teams
Spring Sports League

Please keep in mind it is first come first serve so don't be left out in the cold.
There are 3 ways to register a team:


1. It's safe and secure, try out our new online registration page.
2. In person @ the Bayou Mon thru Fri 4 to 9pm.
3. By mail to Manayunk Sport & Social Club
    c/o Venice Island Rec Center
    P.O. Box 4623
    Phila. Pa. 19127

What's Needed:
1. Full payment for minimum # of people for that sport at time of registration (all sports are $25 per person & you must meet the minimum for that sport). You can add more than the minimum to your roster as long as they pay the $25.
2. Team name (if you are in more than 1 sport please use same team name to help cut down on conflicts), captains name with 2 phone numbers & an email address.
3. A full roster must be emailed to in excel or word format by the captains meeting which will be posted shortly.
    Example: Full Name - Phone # -- Email
4. At captains meeting you will be given a roster form, which must be signed by everybody who plays.



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