Mens 3 on 3 Basketball

Men's 3 on 3 Basketball-Our only sport that is for men only. You do not have to be on of the 76ers to play in our league, but we do have some of Philly' s more competetive players playing in our basketball league, as well as our more relaxed players.

3 on 3 Basketball
Shoot out for first basketball
Games go up to 15, must win by 2 or first one to 21.
Must come out to top of the key, even on air balls
Each basket is worth 1 point, no 3 pointers.
No make it take it.
Call your own fouls. If there is a disagreement then you do a shoot out & the first team to miss gives up the basketball
Any discrepancies see MSSC representative.
Profanity & fighting will not be tolerated.
When playing at a facility we must do as they ask. (Where to park, how to leave everything ect.)

Men's 3 on 3
Captains Meeting: TBA
Location: Kendrick Rec Center & Northlight
Day(s) of Week: Mon., Tues., Wed
# of Teams: 8
# of Games: 14
# of teams for Playoffs: TBA

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